Normstahl residential garage doors

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Our Normstahl high-quality residential garage doors are built with superior design, making them safe, easy to assemble, install and operate.

We have something for every taste and every architectural style, with a broad range of colors and various models to choose from to bring the best out of a home. Everything from modern to rustic, and fittings from overhead, side or one piece, with the possiblity to add both an operator and side entrance doors.

Residential garage doors

With a panel thickness of 42 mm and smart insulation technologies, our garage doors reduce energy costs, help limit impact on the environment; and save people money.

Garage door automation & Gate automation

Why get out of the car when an automatic door operator can make your life so much easier?
Open and close your garage doors or gates with our operators. No more getting out of the car in the pouring rain. Stay in your seat and operate everything by remote control!

Side entrance doors

We offer a matching side entrance door for all our door models. This includes aluminium-framed doors and steel-framed doors. Our range of doors is huge and we offer a selection to match any surroundings.

Warranty on all parts

A 10-year manufacturer’s warranty on parts and a reputation built up over 60 years makes buying a Normstahl residential garage door the safe, reliable option for customers everywhere.