Dynaco high-speed doors


Dynaco high-speed doors are designed with total safety in mind. The design avoids dangerous bottom edges or rigid bars. It is simple: no dangerous parts in movement mean total safety for your workers. The flexible, lightweight door curtain that gently molds itself also adds to your safety.

Dynaco doors are quick as lightning to open and close in a very intense traffic where speed helps your productivity and efficiency. You should never experience workflow slowdown, and should save significant bottom-line dollars in total environmental control, no matter what your requirements.

Dynaco doors enjoy low maintenance costs thanks to a worldwide praised and patented self-reparability feature. If accidentally dislodged from the side frames, all Dynaco high-performance doors will instantly re-insert themselves and be back up and running without intervention. No costly downtime, no service calls, no human intervention.

Dynaco high-speed doors are built with small footprints to take up a minimum of the valuable floor space, and are simple to operate with activation at your choice. Dynaco doors are designed to seal on all four sides, thus providing a barrier against dust, dirt and contaminants in special applications such as pharmaceuticals or food production. Efficient seal and full self-reparability are a unique combination in the industry. Off course all Dynaco products comply with the EN12341 EEC requirements.

Dynaco has specific products and numerous field experiences to answer specific needs such as freezer, cleanroom, large highly-exposed outside openings, and the needs of industries such as food, pharmaceutical, health, automotive, high technology, agricultural, waste, steel, retail and department stores.

Dynaco, the safest choice: safe for your users, a safe investment and a safe choice to achieve your objectives.