Ditec entrance automation


A complete range of smart, high-quality automated entrances and doors with distinctive design suitable for internal and external use in residential, commercial and industrial buildings

The Ditec product portfolio includes gates & barriers, door automation, high-speed doors, sectional garage doors and industrial doors, boasting products that are smart, easy to install and use, and with distinctive design that enhances your building features.

Gates & barriers

Ditec gate automation systems & barriers ensure that safety, practicality and style begins at the entrence of private homes or industrial and commercial sites.

Pedestrian doors

A high-quality automatic pedestrian door range combining ease-of-use and accessibility with the most advanced technologies for smooth operation. The range includes both swing- and sliding doors complemented with an advanced aluminum profile system. Ditec automatic doors are designed to perfectly blend with different types of buildnings, from modern to classical.

Automation for garage and industrial doors

Ditec automation for garage and industrial doors offer the customer an easy to control, safe and smart product suitable for any type of door!

High-speed doors

Ditec high-speed industrial doors are designed for the most diverse environments, where they ensure efficient operations and prevent risk of damage to both people and goods. The self-reparing feature reduces the risk of door break-down and the modular curtain system allows damaged sections to be easily and quickly replaced. All doors come with a wide range of robust motors, dimensions, accessories and colors to match customers' most demanding requirements.

All our automatic gates, automatic doors and industrial doors are certified and fully compliant with the European and international standards.