The manual egress option on Dynaco high-performance doors improves safety in powered door applications


High performance doors are increasingly utilized to improve the flow of people, machinery and inventory through workplaces. However, powered doors present unique challenges as emergency exits in the event of a power failure. To address these challenges, Entrematic offers a manual egress option that is intuitive and easy to operate.

The egress option available on Dynaco doors is a T-shaped cut that divides the door panel into 3 sections. The sections are held together by zippers. This allows the sections to release creating an emergency exit, simply by pushing at the indicated spot. The zipper is designed to break-away so it can immediately be released with minimal force.

This inventive solution improves safety in a manner consistent with the International Building Code (IBC 2015) requirements for a means of egress. In general, the IBC requires doors to be manually operable from the egress side requiring limited force to open the door to a mandatory width in the direction of travel. The egress function must have a point of impact at a specific height with compliant force requirements to release and set in motion.

In addition to meeting these requirements, the egress option on Dynaco doors is truly panic safe because it requires no special knowledge or tools to operate. The user simply presses on a clearly marked spot to open the door. After the emergency has passed and power is restored, the door curtain can be reassembled by zipping the sections together.

The Egress option is currently available in North America on Dynaco M2 Power, D-501, D-311 Slimline and D-313 Streamline door models.

The full list of applicable IBC requirements can be obtained from the brochure on