Side sectional doors from Entrematic leave space in your garage ceiling

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Cars, surfboards, lawnmowers and hedge trimmers, the garage is home to our gardening- and outdoor equipment – and they take up a lot of space. With Normstahl side sectional doors from Entrematic, you can maximize your storage space in the garage.

For this type of door system, the panels roll sideways along the wall into the garage. Why? Because the side sectional door is a practical alternative for anyone who wants to use their garage all the way up to the ceiling and does not want this obstructed by door sections. While other doors "swing out" and thus take away valuable space, the Normstahl side sectional door requires no additional space outside the garage. It also means that objects can be stored directly in front of the door.

Garage doors to suit your taste

Five different models and in 20 standard colors, the Normstahl side sectional door can be individually designed to suit your taste. Light bands and design or motif windows are available, and you could even add aluminum design elements to your garage door.

If you need to store a kayak, ski equipment or other bulky sports equipment in the ceiling of your garage door – side sectional doors make sure that this space remains available. Read more about the product at