Entrematic high-speed doors in large food processing facility


In the end of January, Vlevico - a division within Belgian retailer Colruyt Group, opened the doors to a brand new facility for its meat processing operations. Entrematic Belgium supplied more than 100 Dynaco high-speed doors to this highly advanced project.

Over a period of 80 years, the small family supermarket Colruyt in Belgium grew to be a successful retail group, active in four countries. As the Colruyt Group expanded, the Vlevico divisions' current facility could no longer handle the enormous amount of goods nor the increasingly high standards required by the Belgian Federal Agency for Safety in Food production (FAVV).

Vlevico decided to construct a new, 10.000m² building that would largely exceed the official standards and regulations for food processing, and because of became a pilot project in Belgium. Entrematic, that has supplied a number of doors to Vlevico over the years, provided over 100 Dynaco high-performance doors, all with complete stainless steel structure.

The official inauguration of the building took place on January 27th, in presence of Belgium's Prime Minister Louis Michel.