New dock seal fabric is up to ten times tougher

Life can be pretty tough for dock seals. Trucks back into them or rub up against them and wear them out, and the higher the volume of trucks, the more they suffer.

"We realized that wear resistance in dock seals was an issue for customers," says John Carroll, Sales Director, Entrematic Loading Dock Americas "So we wanted to come up with a design that would resist the abrasion of truck movements against the fabric of the seal."

The answer was SHARC, an exclusive Super High Abrasion Resistant Compound fabric. Developed over the last four years and launched in February 2016, SHARC has shown that it can withstand more than 40,000 abrasion cycles in tests. This equates to at least ten times the abrasion resistance of any competitive fabrics tested, lengthening wear life and contributing to a more sustainable product range. Used in Entrematic's new Head Pad (HP) and Head Curtain (HC) model dock seals, the new fabric is not just tougher; it also enables a better seal between HP and HC. Conditioned air cannot escape and cold or hot air cannot get in, leading to significant energy savings.

Gordon Food Service, a long-time Entrematic customer in the US was the first to test the more durable dock seals. Due to the high volume of trucks they handle, an energy saving product with a longer wear life was a very attractive prospect. John: "More recently, we received an order for around a hundred units for Walmart, which bodes well for the success of the new products." The new dock seals are available under both the Kelley and Serco brands.