Extra everything with Normstahl Superior+ 42

Classic, elegant and understated – or ultramodern and extravagant? It is all a question of taste, as you have all the options in Normstahl Superior+ 42 sectional garage door from Entrematic.

This exterior all-rounder is the ideal solution for anyone who values style, stability, and security while at the same time looking to fulfill specific visual and technical expectations. The six model options available within the product line can be designed in a variety of ways, with new design options like design windows, exclusive windows, and additional colors.

Maximum protection with extra covering

With 42 millimeter thick thermally insulated panels, Normstahl Superior+ 42 has high durability and optimal thermal insulation quality. Reliable elastic seals against the floor offer protection and ensure air circulation thanks to the strategic placement of the ventilation slots. The extra covering of the casings, rail runners, pulleys and tension springs provide maximum protection, preventing hand injuries to adults and children.