With literally thousands of different combinations to choose from, we have garage doors to suit every style of home. You can select the color, design and material you like. Even the style of windows and glass are customizable.

What’s your priority?

Whatever your priorities, we have a garage door that will work for you. For example, a door with large glass panels (tinted glass, opaque, or laminated) and slim aluminum frames to maximize the natural light?  Or a wooden carriage house door with decorative hardware to suit a traditional style home? Or something else? You decide!

Control energy use

The garage door is usually the largest opening in the home and therefore causes the highest energy losses – in both hot and cold climates. That’s why many of our residential garage doors are designed in different thicknesses with varying levels of insulation — to give homeowners better control over the indoor temperature.

No painting or repairs

In these busy times, nobody wants to spend their weekend re-painting and repairing garage doors. In fact, a top criterion for most buyers is low maintenance. Explore our featured easy-care garage doors with corrosion resistant finishes. The only maintenance needed is a hosing down every 6 months.