For commercial operations, we offer products for pedestrian entrances, loading areas, goods delivery, storage facilities and more. Adapted for everything from small boutiques or cafés to global grocery chains, restaurants and hotels – front and back of house.

A warm welcome

An automatic door provides the ultimate welcome. It says, “We’re ready for you, and we’re going to take care of your needs.” It also offers the ultimate in convenience, since everyone can enter and leave the building with ease – even if their hands are full, if they’re in a wheel chair, or simply aren’t strong enough to open a heavy door manually.

Behind the scenes

Retailers want clear separation between front and back office, or public and private spaces. Food stores and restaurants want quick entry and exit in and out of the refrigerated zone. Our automatic and high-performance doors are fine-tuned to meet these needs - with minimal energy losses and industry-leading safety standards.  

Open and shut case

For efficient loading and unloading at the docking area or goods entrance, explore our range of commercial sectional doors and docking products. Every second saved when moving chilled goods from a refrigerated truck to the cold storage area impacts your bottom line - reducing waiting times and energy bills.