There’s a world of choice out there. To make life easier for you we’ve narrowed down the options and offer only the best quality, most reliable product lines on the market. Whether you’re looking for an efficient industrial door, an elegant pedestrian entrance or a high-performance roll-up door for refrigerated deliveries, you’ll find it here.

Amarr - Entrematic - industrial, commercial and residential garage doors for all applications

Established in 1951, the Amarr range of garage door access systems is known for its quality, safety and durability. Products are designed for use in residential homes, condominiums, warehouses, commercial buildings, shopping malls and other commercial applications

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Kelley - Entrematic - taking innovation in dock levelers to new heights

Since its founding in 1953, innovation has always been Kelley’s guiding star. It began with the invention of the world’s first counterbalanced dock leveler, followed up by the original air-powered dock leveler. Today the comprehensive Kelley line includes dock levelers, vehicle restraints, integrated control systems, dock seals and shelters, HVLS warehouse fans, ergonomic scissor lift tables and a full array of products and services specifically designed to support customers’ sustainability initiatives.

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Serco - Entrematic - for more effective and safer loading docks

The Serco product line has existed for over 60 years, focusing on hydraulic dock levelers, safety products and programmable control systems. Thousands of companies around the world benefit daily from Serco’s advanced loading dock and warehouse solutions. Serco products successfully address questions like how to increase efficiency, productivity, safety and sustainability.

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Normstahl - Entrematic - the safe choice in durable, reliable entrance systems

Established in 1946, Normstahl residential garage doors, industrial doors and docking systems are known for being innovative, high quality. All Normstahl products are durable, reliable, safe, easy to install, and easy to operate. In particular, the residential garage doors reduce energy consumption to deliver both economic and environmental savings. Normstahl products and parts come with a 10-year warranty.

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Dynaco - Entrematic - high performing industrial flexible doors

With unrivalled expertise in flexible industrial door technology, the Dynaco product line includes ultra-safe, energy efficient high-performance doors — for commercial and industrial applications. Since 1987, innovative Dynaco products have been breaking new ground in terms of reliability, low-maintenance, safety and energy savings. The absence of rigid elements makes these high-performance doors ‘self-repairing’ – i.e. they become immediately operative again after impact – which helps customers enhance their productivity.

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Nergeco – Entrematic - flexible, high performance doors, customised for different applications

Since its creation in 1981, the Nergeco product line has included high-performance doors with unique features to meet the needs of each trade, process and building structure. A key ambition has always been to promote energy savings – hence the name “NERG-ECO” – with flexible doors that open and close quickly and safely. The latest range of Nergeco high performance doors is fitted with an Intelligent Curtain® which reduces exposure time whenever a vehicle or person passes through, cutting energy bills by up to 30%.

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Ditec - Entrematic - smart, high quality gates, barriers and pedestrian doors

Established in 1974, the Ditec range includes gates & barriers, pedestrian doors and high-performance doors with a perfect mix of distinctive design, smart functionality and customizable options. Easy to control and totally reliable, Ditec entrance automation systems optimize efficiency and energy savings while minimizing environmental impacts. They also employ the latest technologies to deliver efficiency and safety.

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EM - Entrematic - world-class pedestrian door automation for interior and exterior use

Established in 2003, the EM product line is known for its reliable, high-quality pedestrian door automation products. Used inside and out, they’re all characterized by world-class safety and state-of-the art design. Here you can find all kinds of automatic pedestrian operators for sliding and swinging doors as well as door closers for residential, commercial and healthcare installations.

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